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haha what do you think?

2008-07-16 00:57:22 by shadowmana

Alright, as you can see, I'm the current #1 of all time. Probably will only last a week, but what better week to ask this question?

What would you, the newgrounders, think about an audio duet with me doing background music and last weeks #1 of all time, sonicmega, on vocals?


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2008-07-16 01:02:09

I would like it, if Sonic kept to the MSN convo.


2008-07-18 07:21:52

Well now isn't this a surprise. Posibly but I'll think about it.


2008-07-18 20:17:49

Hmmm.....go for it! Show no mercy!


2008-07-23 11:16:41

Sonicmega's voice is so sexy, I suppose if you could keep him away from the Pokemon then I guess you could make a good team.